WARNING! DEATH or SERIOUS INJURY CAN OCCUR. Failure to follow these instructions and the product labels can result in serious injury or death to your child. 

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  • Carefully read and understand all instructions and warnings in this guide. Your child’s safety depends on you knowing how to setup, install and use this booster seat properly.
  • Before installing this booster seat in a vehicle, be sure to also check the vehicle owner’s manual for information on proper installation.
  • NEVER allow others to use this booster until they have read and understood all instructions in this guild.
  • This booster seat is not intended for use outside of the vehicle.


This booster seat is designed for children who demonstrate an ability to sit in a seat belt and meet the following requirements. ONLY use this booster seat if the child meets the following requirements:

  • Child is at least 4 years old.
  • Child can sit relatively still, in the same seated position throughout the car ride.
  • Child can leave the shoulder and lap belt properly positioned on their body and can do this every tine in the car.
  • Weight is between 40 and 110 pounds (18 and 50 kg)
  • Height is between 38-57 inches (97-145 cm)


  • DO NOT PLACE THIS BOOSTER SEAT IN A VEHICLE SEATING LOCATION WITH A FRONTAL AIR BAG, UNLESS THE AIR BAG CAN BE TURNED OFF. If the airbag inflates, it can cause serious injury or death to your child. For vehicles, with side air bags, refer to your vehicle owner’s manual for information on your booster seat installation.
  • ALWAYS install this booster seat in a back seat if possible. According to accident statistics, children are safer when properly restrained in a rear seating position rather than in the front seat.
  • NEVER install rear facing, side facing or on the back of a folded down vehicle seat.
  • NEVER use this booster seat with only a vehicle lap belt.
  • Use only the vehicle’s lap and shoulder belt system when restraining the child in this booster seat.
  • To avoid injury to others, ALWAYS secure this child restraint with either the LATCH connectors or the vehicle’s lap-shoulder belt when unoccupied.
  • DO NOT use this booster seat beyond the “Do Not Use After” date. Check manufacturer’s label on underside of booster seat.


  • Position lap-shoulder belt on your child. A loose or improperly positioned lap-shoulder belt could cause the child to be ejected in a sudden stop or crash, resulting in serious injury or death.
  • Make sure vehicle lap-shoulder belt is not loose. The belt must be kept snug across child’s thighs and resting on the shoulder and across the center of the chest.
  • NEVER use clothing or blankets that interfere with fastening or tightening the lap-shoulder belt. And unsecured child could be ejected in a sudden stop or crash!
  • ALWAYS check to make sure the vehicle buckle is securely latched.
  • NEVER leave your child unattended in the vehicle.
  • Do not allow children to play in or around the booster seat.


  • DO NOT use if the vehicle belts are cut, frayed, or damaged.
  • DO NOT use any accessories, pads or products not included with this booster seat, unless approved by Humble-Bee. Doing so will void the warranty of this booster seat.
  • You MUST replace this booster seat if it has been involved in a crash, even if you cannot see visible damage. A damaged booster seat may not protect your child in a future crash.
  • Do not modify your booster seat.
  • Do no use booster seat if any component is damaged, broken, or missing.


  • Ensure all vehicle occupants are properly restrained before traveling. Unrestrained occupants can be thrown around and may be seriously injured or seriously injure other occupants in a sharp turn, sudden stop, or crash.
  • Do not leave loose objects, such as books, bags, etc., in the back of the vehicle. In the event of a sharp turn, sudden stop, or crash, loose objects can be thrown around and possibly cause serious injury to vehicle occupants.
  • Cover the booster seat when the vehicle is parked in sunlight. Parts of a booster seat can become very hot if left in the sun. Contact with these parts can burn a child’s skin. Always check the surface of any metal or plastic parts before putting your child in the booster seat.
  • To avoid strangulation, do not allow children to play with vehicle seat belts. If possible, move unused belts out of reach.
  • Do not use anything to raise the booster seat off the vehicle seat such as a noodle or towel. In a sharp turn, sudden stop, or crash, the booster seat could slide and potentially cause serious injury.
  • Never use a second-hand booster seat with an unknown history.
  • Never use any accessories that are not included with this child restraint, unless specifically approved by Humble-Bee.


  • Some vehicles have no seating positions which are compatible with this booster seat. Only forward-facing vehicle seats can be used with this booster seat. Never use side or rear facing seats. If in doubt, contact the vehicle manufacturer for assistance.
  • This booster seat must be installed in a vehicle seat with a 3-point seat belt (shoulder belt and lap belt). NEVER use lap belt only.
  • Vehicle seat belts differ from vehicle to vehicle. Refer to your vehicle owner’s manual for specific information about seat belts and their use with booster seats. The following types of vehicle belts MUST NOT be used to install this booster seat:
    • Never use a lap belt with motorized shoulder belt.
    • Never use vehicle belts that are attached to the door or that move along a track.
    • Never use a lap-only belt.


LATCH = Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children. Many vehicles owner’s manuals use the term “ISOFIX”. 

On this booster seat, Lower Anchors, or ISOFIX, are only used to restrain the Booster Seat, not to restrain your child. To secure your child, a vehicle lap-shoulder belt MUST be used. Please refer to the vehicle owner’s manual for designated Lower Anchor locations in vehicles. 

If the vehicle is equipped with LATCH / ISOFIX, the vehicle lower anchor points may be visible at the seat crease. If not visible, the seating position may be marked with a symbol as shown or a colored dot. The top tether anchor is not used with this booster seat.



  1. The Shoulder Positioning Clip is stored under the booster seat. Pull out the Shoulder Positioning Clip and Strap.
  2. Place the Booster Seat onto the vehicle seat.
  3. If using LATCH, release the LATCH by pressing the Release Button and slide out both LATCH connectors. Use of LATCH with this booster seat is optional. If the LATCH connectors are not used, retract the LATCH connectors by pushing them all the way back into the track.
  4. Locate the LATCH lower anchor bars in your vehicle. Attach both LATCH connectors to the vehicle lower anchor bars.
  5. Push the booster seat against the vehicle seat back to snug up the booster seat to the vehicle seat back.


  1. Place the child into the booster seat, making sure the child is sitting with his/her back against the vehicle seat back. Child’s years must be below vehicle seat back or vehicle head restraint when sitting on booster seat.
  2. Route the lap belt under the 1st armrest, across the child’s thighs, then route the shoulder belt and the lap belt under the 2nd armrest closest to the vehicle buckle. Lap-shoulder belts MUST be under ARMRESTS.
  3. Buckle the seat belt.
  4. Adjust the Shoulder Positioning Clip to be at child’s shoulder.
  5. Slide the vehicle shoulder belt through the Shoulder Positioning Clip. To adjust the shoulder positioning clip, pull the clip up or down to adjust the Shoulder Positioning Clip to be at child’s shoulder. If necessary, re-adjust the location of the clip to ensure that the seat belt lays flat and snug across the child’s chest and the lap belt lays flat and snug across the child’s thighs.
  6. When using this booster seat, the Shoulder Positioning Clip must be used until the seat belt naturally lays flat across the center of the child’s shoulder.
  7. ALWAYS check to make sure the vehicle seat belt is securely buckled, and that the seat belt is not twisted.
  8. ALWAYS check that the shoulder belt is snug on the child’s shoulder and that it does not rub on the neck. It should lie flat across the child’s check and middle of shoulder. The Shoulder Positioning Clip must be positioned at child’s shoulder.

Note: This booster seat is NOT certified for use on aircraft. Aircraft do not have lap-shoulder belts to secure your child.