Our Story

We are Humble-Bee.

We are inspired by the humbling feeling of awe and wonder that comes when staring out at the crashing waves of the vast ocean. We enjoy hiking along a trail listening to the birds sing. We love the sun's tinkling feeling on the back as we take a walk through the park. We are hardworking mommy and daddy bees who believe staying active and engaging with the world are the best way to raise healthy kids and build happy families.

We give back.

We are committed to providing help to communities in need and supporting those committed to keeping us safe and healthy. Since the brand inception, Humble-Bee has donated more than $200,000 worth of products and supplies to disaster recovery and, most recently, frontline healthcare providers fighting the pandemic - all thanks to individual and retail supporters like you.

We are here for you.

As parents, we understand the needs and challenges to bring the kids out of the house, whether it’s hiking, running errands, spending a day at the beach, gathering with friends, or exploring your backyard. Through thoughtful design and craftsmanship, Humble-Bee will continue to create a versatile line of bags and accessories to support the rapid-changing lifestyle.