Our Favorite Books for Your Adventurous Baby

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The Humble-Bee family is passionate about helping infants learn and bond with their parents. As both new and experienced parents, we know that one of the best ways to show our children how much we love them is through the gift of story time. 

Research overwhelmingly supports that reading to your baby improves their vocabulary, encourages empathy, helps them to make sense of the world, promotes greater social and academic success, and stimulates their imagination. In fact, it is recommended that you begin reading to your baby from day one. (Lewis, 2019) If reading isn’t already a part of your daily routine, it’s never too late to start! Grab one of these excellent books, snuggle up with your reading buddy, and inspire a love for learning. 

Brave Irene, written and illustrated by William Steig (Ages 4-8)

Summary: Brave Irene is the story of a young girl who embarks to deliver a dress in the middle of a snow storm. The dress was made by her mother for the duchess, and delivering the package is of extreme importance. Irene bravely battles the wind and snow to make her mother proud. 

Why We Love It: The relationship between Irene and her mother is very relatable. Irene takes care of her mom when she is sick, and her mom is so proud of her daughter and knows her better than anyone else. Irene is also motivated to survive the storm and continue on her quest by the thought of seeing her mother again. It will melt your heart! 

My Mountain Baby, written by Rose Rossner and illustrated by Louise Anglicas (Ages 2-3)

Summary: Mama bear and her baby bear hike through the mountains and explore all the wonders of nature. 

Why We Love It: Your little one is sure to be entertained by the whimsical drawings, the cute animals, and the musical rhymes. You and your family will be inspired to go on your own hiking and camping adventure because “time outdoors is time well spent.” 

Tall, Tall Tree, written by Anthony D. Fredricks and illustrated by Chad Wallace (Ages 3-8)

Summary: This fun and educational book helps to teach children about some of the different animals and bugs who live in the world’s tallest trees. Help your child learn by identifying the animals together and the sounds they make. 

Why We Love It: Tall, Tall Tree will help teach your little one about the wonders of nature and all the critters who call the Redwood Forest their home. Your family will want  to pack up and visit the Redwood National Park to see first hand just how TALL these trees are while trying to catch a glimpse of as many animals as you can. 

Ferdinand, written by Munro Leaf and illustrated by Robert Lawson (Ages 2-6)

Summary: Ferdinand is a classic children's book that is sure to be one of your family’s favorites. Ferdinand the bull is expected to be a fighter, but he would rather relax under his favorite tree and smell the flowers. 

Why We Love It: This heartwarming story teaches children so many important lessons, such as the importance of being themselves and how to enjoy the simple things in life. You will be cheering on Ferdinand as he stays true to himself and doesn’t follow the crowd. This story will also help your child connect with nature in the peaceful way that Ferdinand does. 

Owl Moon, written by Jane Yolen and illustrated by John Schoenherr (Ages 3-7)

Summary: Owl Moon is about a father and his daughter who go owling, or searching for an owl, in a snow covered forest. The dad imitates the sound of a Great Horned Owl as his daughter watches and listens in fascination. The beautiful watercolor illustrations won this book the Caldecott medal.

Why We Love It: The cozy setting of this book is perfect for a bedtime story; it is late at night, in the dead of winter, and the forest is illuminated by the light of the moon. The rhythmic writing will help lull your baby to sleep while inspiring dreams of owls, moons, and adventure. Plus, your little one will LOVE to help you call for the Great Horned Owl. Your family will be eager to go on your own Owling Adventure after reading this enchanting story. 

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