Newport Beach Pier

This week we are taking the Humble-Bee adventure followers to Newport Beach, a neighboring city from our hometown Irvine. It's a beautiful place loved by many celebrities including author Dean Koontz, basketball player Kobe Bryant, actresses Michelle Pfeiffer, and many more. We had spent many years of our childhood watching the sunset into the ocean. 

There are a lot of ocean front spots in the city depending on what you are looking to do. The place where we have chosen for the day is the Newport Pier on Balboa Peninsula because one of our Humble-Bee team members comes here to surf with her family all the time. 🏄‍♀️

As seafood lovers, we also come to the Dory Fishing Fleet Market every week or so to pick up fresh fish just caught from the sea. We highly recommend this place for those who don't mind seeing your food alive, first 🐡🐠🐟

What we and our kids, really love about this spot is that there are a lot of ocean lives to be seen here. Aside from your typical crabs🦀 and mussels, you can often spot seals, dolphins🐬, and WHALES🐳. In fact, we saw one this weekend, and all of us got so excited and forgot to snap a picture to share.


Oh well, this is an excellent place for any family to enjoy any time in Spring and Summer. It might be a little chilling during Fall and Winter. Parking may be an issue during weekends and holidays, but you should always be able to find a spot.


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