Newborns Can Only See HOW FAR?

When babies are born they can only see approximately 8-15 inches in front of them (Alli, 2020). That’s about the distance from your face to your baby’s face when you cradle her in your arms or breastfeed. Coincidence? We think not.

The primary goal of newborns is survival, and their limited vision helps them to focus on the two most important things to their survival: food and a loving connection with their parents (Feld, 2009). When babies are first born they will quickly seek out nutrients and the warmth and security of their parent’s arms. It’s important for babies to know who their parents or primary caregivers are so they can form a secure attachment and know who to look for if their needs are not being met.

Newborns can’t see colors for the first couple of months, so their eyes gravitate towards objects with high contrast, such as faces, eyes, and (you guessed it!) nipples (Allo, 2020). These tendencies serve the same two specific purposes. Their vision limits their focus to breastfeeding and familiarizing themselves with their parent’s faces. In fact, YOUR face will be your baby’s very favorite thing to look at. Isn’t parenthood amazing?

Your baby will probably begin to recognize your face within the first few weeks of life, but for some it might take longer (Feld, 2009).The more you interact with your newborn within her field of vision, the more familiar she will be with you. Make funny faces at her, gaze adoringly at her pudgy cheeks, and talk often to her. All positive and loving interactions within her range of sight will stimulate her vision and help her bond with you, which is very important for early brain development. Your baby’s rapidly growing brain can focus on learning and thriving when she feels warm, safe, full, and loved.

A newborn's favorite place to be is in the loving arms of their parents, and Humble-Bee is here to make those precious moments more comfortable for you and your baby.

Humble-Bee Nurse-sling Newborn

Humble-Bee’s Nurse-sling can assist you in snuggling, rocking, and breastfeeding your little one while she memorizes all the beautiful features of your face. The Nurse-sling is the one and only nursing pillow that actually holds your baby and provides mom (or dad!) with a free hand. It also has pockets to keep all your essentials close, and can be worn across your back as a bag. The Nurse-sling is designed to improve your posture and help you avoid a sore neck and back, PLUS it’s machine washable!

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