The Nurse-sling

The nursing pillow that CRADLES your baby

Meet the Nurse-sling, the patent-pending nursing pillow that works like a mother’s arm. It cradles the baby safely and allows the mom to relax her arm, wrist, and back, so both of them can enjoy the precious moment stress-free.

Safely cradles your baby

so you can relax your arm and wrist

Sit back, relax

and comfortably enjoy the moment

Gives you a hand when you need it.

The nursing pillow for the new norm.

Nurse-sling is easy.

Nurse-sling is better.

Choose yours now


"I brought the Boppy pillow to the hospital, and they told me I still have to use more pillows. I like the Nurse-sling because it snugs the baby to you. After using it, I've stopped using all other nursing pillows."
Gina H. with newborn baby
"I am a huge fan of it! It’s super helpful and a lot less bulky than the My Brest Friend that I have used. It allows me to be more hands-free. My family lives away, so I really love how I can travel easily with it and feed on the plane."
Crystal N. with 1 week old baby
"Nurse-sling is something you realize how much you need once you start using it. I’m a working mom and I use it to hold my baby close to me while I work even when I’m not feeding."
Tammy R. with 1 month old baby
"The Nurse-sling helped me tremendously because it holds my baby for me while nursing. My wrist always hurts from carpal tunnel syndrome but with Nurse-sling I could relax my wrist."
Hyunjin K. with 3-month-old baby
"Amazing to use on a plane. My daughter nursed in it with comfort and ease. I used Nurse-sling to hold her close to me during the flight. Highly recommend it for travel!"
Noelle L. with 4-month-old baby
"While using the Nurse-sling, my baby and I were both comfortable and our postures were supported. The Nurse-sling adjusts to me, no more bending to meet the pillow."
Mazie C. with 6-month-old baby
"The Nurse-sling gives me the freedom to use my hands for other small activities, like reading a book or eating a snack."
Kelsey E. with 2-month-old baby
"The compact size of the Nurse-sling allows me to feed in places that other pillows have not. It also gives me privacy in public places."
Adriana T. with 5-month-old baby

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